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Can I order something you don't have in stock?

If there is something you have seen from one of our designers that we don't appear to have in stock, you can inquire about placing a special order for the item. We can also do this for items we have previously sold out of that might be a must have for your wardrobe!Β 

Please note: We aren't able to do this with all suppliers, and the stock available to us will vary from what you can see direct on their website, however we'll do our best to source all the goodies for you! 

We send a request to our supplier to see if they have stock available, if they do, we'll then come back to you with pricing and estimated delivery times etc and then you can make the call to go ahead.

Please note that we require special orders be paid in full and they are they cannot be returned or exchanged so it’s important to be sure of your size!

If you have any questions regarding special orders you can contact the friendly customer support team on eshop@superette.co.nz