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Do you Gift Wrap?

We absolutely do! Adding gift wrapping to your order is simple and it will save you precious time, just add the items to your cart and click through to the checkout. 

At the checkout you can then select 'Add gift wrap' and add any instructions. Our signature gift wrapping includes your order being wrapped, complete with a ribbon. Some items may not be able to be gift wrapped due to size, this will be noted at the checkout.

Please note: All items will be wrapped together unless you specify otherwise. We'll remove barcodes and invoice from this order.

Gift wrapping is $10 and will added to your cart total at the checkout ✨


Need a gift card?

Select 'Add a gift card' and we'll even write in it for you! Simply note your card message in the message section when selecting a card.

If one of these cards isn't quite right for your gift, you can add a card separately from our selection here