I think I have online credit. How do I use this?

Using your online credit is nice and easy! To get started you need to log in to your account on the website and choose the item(s) you are wanting to buy and add to the cart. Then head to the checkout, pop in your shipping and billing details, step 4 is Payment Information, this is where your online credit will come into play.

There are two ways to use your online credit. If the credit is saved under your account details it will already be sitting there for you to select and apply to your order like below


If the credit is not linked to your account (this will be the case if it was issued to you in store) you will need to manually enter it. There is a coupon code tab at the bottom of the screen, simply type the voucher number in there and apply it by pressing the tick. 



If you need to make up a difference then you can pay the remaining balance with credit card or PayPal. Easy!

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